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Do You Qualify For A Payday Loan?

Payday loans are designed to give quick solutions to your short term cash needs. Unlike traditional loans these loans are given for smaller amounts of money that are paid back in full in days or weeks. So, unlike traditional lenders we don’t need to put you through an intensive application process or check your financial track record.  

To qualify for a payday loan all you need to prove to us is that you are: 

  • Aged over 18
  • A UK resident
  • In full time employment with a regular salary and/or pay check coming in
  • Able to show us details of the bank account into which your salary/wages are paid 

If you meet these criteria then you could well qualify for a payday loan of up to £750 depending on your income. Please note that we may offer fast payday loan solutions but we are responsible lenders. If you cannot meet our criteria for a loan then we cannot accept your application.  

The application and approval process can take as little as three minutes of your time and the transfer of a loan if you qualify can happen instantly. If you need some cash help between pay cheques, we should be your first port of call.