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Will Bad Credit Affect Your Chances Of Getting A Payday Loan?


The simple and quick answer to this question is no! Unlike many traditional loans payday loans are not so much concerned with how you’ve managed your finances in the past, they are more concerned with your current situation.


The truth is it can be hard to get back on track once you’ve had financial difficulties. You may have lost your job and found it hard to make your mortgage payments. You might have got into trouble with credit card spending and found that you couldn’t pay back what you owe. There are all kinds of reasons for finding yourself with an impaired credit history.


However, we appreciate that a history of financial problems doesn’t mean that you are still in difficulties. You may well have put your problems behind you and hold down a steady job with a regular income. Problem is that most lenders won’t look at where you are now, they’ll look at where you were.


So, what do you do when things get tight and you need a cash advance to tide you over for a few days or weeks? Approach a standard lender and your track record could add a lot of time to your application process and you may not get a lending approval at all or may be asked to pay higher interest rates.


Your best bet may well therefore be to look at applying for a payday loan. If you are aged 18+, are a UK resident and are in full time employment then you could qualify for a fast cash advance of up to £750 that could be approved and paid into your bank account today.


These loans are not designed to get you into money difficulties again. They are small short term loans that will help you cope with life’s little emergencies and, as such, are best used every now and then when money is tight.


Because our service is based on your income, we don’t need to look at your financial history. We can give you a fast online payday loan in minutes and you pay us back on your next payday. You’ll then be debt free once again and your use of our service won’t even show up on your credit record.


So, remember next time it gets hard to make your money stretch from pay check to pay check. We have a one-stop instant solution for ALL your cash advance needs.