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A Guide to Fees

Given the short term nature of payday loans and the relatively small amounts that are borrowed here, charge a single flat fee rather than a percentage to keep things simple for our customers. This way you have the confidence of knowing that there are no administration charges hiding behind the scenes -- you will basically pay a flat fee of £20 for every £80 that you borrow from us. The table below gives you some example loan/repayment figures.

Loan Amount

Total Payable Amount

















Typical 1355% APR (30 day loan). Cost of Credit 25%

The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) that will be applied to your payday loan will depend on how long you take out a loan for. This will be calculated for you when you make your application.

Although the APR above may appear to be steep, please bear in mind that this is an annual calculation and this needs to be taken into account when you calculate the cost of your payday loan. The majority of payday loans are designed to last for not more than 31 days and most will not run for more than 70 days. The cost of a payday loan is best compared to the cost of paying fees for overdrafts, bounced cheques and penalties for non-payment of bills and repayment commitments.