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Got Bad Credit? Look At What Same Day Cash Can Do For You!
Letís take a look at what these kinds of loans could do for you:

  • Same day cash advances are given based on your income so it doesnít really matter what your track record has been like as credit checks are not generally used in your application.
  • There is no security requirement with a same day cash loan so tenants and homeowners are treated exactly the same and are charged at the same flat rate.
  • A same day cash loan could see you walk away in just ONE day with up to £750 in your pocket for a flat fee payment which you will repay when your next salary is paid into your account.

  • Life isn’t always fair and this is very obvious in the lending sector sometimes. Raising finance can be a breeze if you own your own home or have a squeaky clean financial track record. Your home allows you to offer a lender collateral against your lending and a clean financial record makes them see you as a less of a risk. Put these two together and you’ll have a happy lender. Here, the lender has a guarantee or a minimised risk that you will default on any loan you take out with them.

    But, what if you rent your home, live with your parents and/or you have a bad credit record? Well, to be honest, you look like less a good deal to mainstream lenders. If you are lucky and they will allow you to borrow money then it’ll most likely be at far higher interest rates so you’ll have to pay more for the money you borrow.

    This can be a real problem, especially if all you want to do is to borrow a bit of money to tide you over till you next get paid. So, if this is you, then you should maybe think outside of the regular lending box and look to a same day cash loan as an alternative. These loans offer people short term cash advance solutions to help them out when things get difficult.

    The only criteria necessary to take out a payday loan of this type are:
    • You must be aged 18 or over.
    • You must be a UK resident.
    • You must be in steady full time employment.
    • You must have a bank account with a debit card facility.
    • You must be able to supply two telephone numbers for ID verification.

    So, don’t worry about what you may or may not own or how you’ve handled your money in the past. Same day cash loans are all about your needs now and, as a result, will simply look at your income to assess your application.

    Lenders here simply appreciate that some months money will be tight. You might have unexpected expenses, overspend or simply want to buy a bargain to treat yourself. A same day cash loan can help you here and is designed to be simply paid back when your next pay day comes along.