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Our Commitment To Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us and we will take all reasonable measures to protect it. This policy outlines the measures that we take to collect, use and protect any personal information that you give to us when you use our service so that you can best understand the decisions to take when you use

This can include:
  • Detail checks on credit and all related applications
  • Management of credit and all related accounts/facilities
  • Debt recovery
  • Checks on proposals and claims for insurance products
  • Check on details given by employees and job applicants.
  • We do, however, have to adhere to fraud prevention standards. Any false or inaccurate information, including identity data, personal data and fraudulent actions, will be passed on to the relevant fraud prevention agencies where it may thereafter be actioned by law enforcement agencies. We, and our partner companies/affiliates, may also access/use any information necessary to prevent money laundering and fraud.

    To find out more about the fraud prevention agencies that may be involved here please contact us.

    1. The personal information you provide

    As part of your use of our site you may give us personal information and data. This can include information given via your email address if you register with us for newsletters, information services or products and services. We may store the content of email messages that you send us and the responses we send to you as well as your email address. This data will be stored at the same security level as any information that you give us over the phone or by post. You have the right to access the personally identifiable information that we have collected online and that we store on our database and can do so by contacting us.

    Please note that the services offered by are targeted at UK residents who are aged 18 or over. Children aged under 18 should not use our website without parental supervision and guidance and should not be permitted to submit personal information to our site.

    1. Your website information

    Visitors to our website will be tracked in the standard manner by the use of cookies and log files on our web server. This information is used to help us assess visitor numbers and actions, for example.

    1. How we use your information

    In general terms the information that pertains to you on a personal level is simply used for our own business activities. This information, for example, allows us to offer you the right products and services and to collect payments from you as appropriate. We also use this information to monitor the way that our service is used and to improve it in marketing, promotional and site development terms. It is also used to let you know of any significant changes to our website, offers which may be of use to you and new services that we may introduce. You can, at any time, opt out of this notification service via the links that will appear on these mails/newsletters. You will be removed from all relevant mailing lists as soon as it is technically possible to do so.

    This information will occasionally be shared with third parties on an aggregate basis although information/business information that is personally identifiable will not be used. We do not sell, share, lease or lend personal and financial information that you give us including your personal details and banking data with other parties unless information sharing is a necessary part of a transaction process or service provision that you have requested from us.

    This information may also be used to assist in lending decisions, for relationship servicing, fraud prevention and debt collection. We may also use this information to better understand your financial needs, in the general conduct of our business and to enable us to provide better products and customer services on our own behalf and on behalf of selected third party companies with whom we work. This kind of data may also be used for statistical analysis and to improve the effectiveness of our own marketing.

    We do occasionally ask our users for other information when we run contests or surveys. Your participation here is voluntary so this information does not have to be given. The additional information requested here may include contact details and demographic data. Contact details are taken to notify prize winners in contests. All other demographic data is used to improve site services.

    We do have a legal obligation to provide personal information in certain circumstances and will do so if we believe in good faith that this is a requirement of law or is necessary to protect our legal rights. If we believe that the disclosure of information is necessary to contact, identify or bring legal action against an individual that is in violation of our terms or is threatening the safety of our other uses and/or the general public then we will do so.

    If the website or part of its assets by acquired by a different owner then your information may be transferred to the new ownership as part of the company’s assets.

    1. Our policy regarding other websites

    We are not responsible for any actions made by websites that are linked to or from our website nor do we take any responsibility for their content or for links that they may contain. We provide links to external websites on an occasional basis if we feel that they will be useful to our users.

    As soon as you click on a link from our website to a third party website then our Privacy Policy no longer applies. When surfing on other websites, even if we provided the link to take you there, you are under the Privacy Policies and terms of the website in question. Please do not proceed to take action on other websites before you have read their own policies and terms.

    1. Your consent

    By using the website you are consenting to the company collection and use of your data/information as previously outlined.

    1. Data security

    Any information that we collect about you will be stored and managed on our computers which are based in the UK. The laws of personal data treatment may differ in the UK to the country in which you reside. In order to protect our data, to keep it accurate and to avoid unauthorised access we have in place a series of security measures including personnel, physical and electronic safeguards.

    1. Policy changes

    We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy in keeping with our commitment to assess it against new business practices, changing customer needs and new technologies. If changes are made to this policy then you will be notified by email if you have given us permission to contact you in this way. All changes will also be posted on this page of our website and users are asked to read through this policy periodically to keep up to date. Do rest assured that any changes in our Privacy Policy will not result in a use of your personal information that is materially inconsistent with the terms of this policy version unless we have your consent.

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