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What do banks need to know?

Sometimes, when you take out large and long term loans with a traditional lender you have to tell them what you want the cash for. This is fair enough if you want to borrow a lot of money -- after all, your bank wouldn’t be too happy if you borrowed thousands of pounds to fund a new lifestyle in a foreign country with no intention of paying back what you’ve borrowed!

What do we need to know?

As a cash loans provider, in the nicest possible way don’t actually care what you need your cash advance for! We offer short term cash advances for small amounts of money. Our loans are income based and you commit to paying back what you borrow in a matter of days or weeks when your next pay check comes through. So, what you actually need the money for isn’t as important to us as it would be if we were lending you thousands of pounds for years at a time.

What do people use cash loans for?

People use cash loans for various reasons. Some, for example, will use them to tide them over after a tight month spending wise. Some will use them to pay off a large bill or unexpected expense. Others will actually use them to do something fun such as finding the cash to buy a bargain that won’t be there when the next payday comes around or to take advantage of a special offer weekend away.

You, for example, might find a small cash advance handy in the following circumstances:

  • To pay for an unexpectedly large bill or one that comes in that you’ve not budgeted for/have forgotten about
  • To pay for unexpected dental work
  • To pay for new glasses
  • To cover breakdown emergencies such as car, plumbing or home appliance problems
  • To buy a new home appliance if one needs urgent replacement such as a cooker or fridge, for example
  • To avoid having to use credit cards, overdrafts and other methods of raising cash
  • To take a well earned holiday/break when you spot a bargain
  • To pay for a cost saving bargain on eBay or in the shops
  • To raise some extra cash for presents for special occasions such as landmark birthdays or anniversaries

The point here really isn’t what you need a cash loan for. This is all about being given the ability to borrow a small amount of cash for a few days of weeks and being able to pay it off quickly when your salary comes in. So, at, we won’t ask what you want the money for, we’ll just ask you how soon you need it!