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What Can Do For You?

We put money in your pocket…..

If you are running short on money between paydays then you’re in good company! We all have months where we find ourselves short of cash in the middle or at the end of the month. Unexpected expenses or a bit of extra spending can sometimes leave us with a bit of a cash headache. If all goes according to plan then maybe we can hang on until our next pay check….but, when was life ever that simple! Most of the time you’ll have the worry of that last big bill to pay or the unexpected repair when the washing machine breaks down. Not to mention how you are going to manage to buy your mother’s birthday present now…..

Our aim at is simple. When things get tight, then we can help you out by giving you access to short term payday loans. It’s a simple aim and a simple solution.

…..without giving you a hard time…..

Unlike many standard lenders we can help you get short term cash advances quickly and without fuss. We don’t care whether you are a home owner. We don’t care if you have a bad credit history. We don’t care if you are registered to vote. We don’t even want to know how many bank accounts you have, whether you have applied for a credit card in the last six months or whether your overdraft is maxed out to the limit. Sure, these questions have to be asked by traditional lenders but this isn’t the way our business works. Our loans are designed to work around your income, not to get you into long term debt. We lend you what we know you can afford to pay back and you pay your loan back here on your next payday.

If you can prove that you are a UK citizen, that you are in full time employment and that you are over 18 (we have to care about this stuff for legal reasons!) then we could help you borrow up to £750 virtually instantly.

…..and without making you wait.

Make an application for a payday loan with and you could have an answer to your application in an instant. Our service operates 24/7, weekdays and weekends so now is always a convenient time to ask! Unlike traditional lenders we won’t make you wait for a decision. Make your application, send it off and we’ll give you an instant answer. We can even handle documentation checks online in most cases so you won’t need to find a fax, photocopy documents and then send them over to us.

And, in many cases you can make an application before 3pm Monday to Friday and have the money that you borrow transferred that day. For many of our borrowers this means same day access to cash although some transactions can take 1-2 days to clear through your bank.

So, next time you get that sinking feeling when you think about how far ahead your next pay check is, talk to It really is that simple.